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“Eve’s assistance was very beneficial… 
the understanding of strategies and structure in my business was very helpful.


I would be so happy to continue to work with Eve as her knowledge is definitely at a high standard!!  


Explaining in simplified terminology for me as not very technical and has really given me much confidence to move forward with my business ideas… many thanks Eve"

"My session with Cammell Consulting has helped me to clarify what I need to do to build my business. She helped me to focus on areas which need improvement, gave great advice on best practices and mindset. I highly recommend Eve."

"A session with Eve was exactly what I needed to move my business forward.  She is extremely clear and generous with her expertise and her practical knowledge of business is hugely valuable to local businesses"

"Eve reviewed my application for a major financial services award. She helped me to clarify my application asks provided very useful tips and suggestions in regards to its presentation.


I have since been nominated as Finalist for this award! Hopefully I’ll win too! Thank you once again Eve for your help"


“Spending the time with Eve was imperative for my small business. 


Eve helped me focus on short term and long term goals, whilst also maintaining budget constraints. ”

“The Zoom consultation with Eve was so beneficial.  It was very hands on, so by the end of the session I was posting my first social media posts.  


Eve really simplified the marketing and social media process for me and I now know how to start attracting new customers.    I will definitely be using Eve in the future.”

“Eve saved me approx. $2,000 with an innovative solution to a problem , which meant I didn’t need a website.  I can now show potential clients a huge range of project images and convert them to paying customers for my business without being locked into maintaining and paying for a website”.

"The meeting was very informative and productive.

I found it especially useful in getting advice regarding business planning and strategy moving forward, particularly regarding pricing and marketing and social media.


I walked away feeling more confident having a step through plan to execute independently"

“My time with Eve went by in a flash but we packed in a lot of actionable items in the time we had.  She helped me get clear on my pitch which I’d been struggling to concisely articulate for a while.  


We mapped out how I can get things moving quickly while keeping me in check with how much I can manage given I have a young family.  


Eve is very practical and her valuable knowledge of business strategy and marketing helped me create a strategy that would fit into my lifestyle."

"I’m so glad I got Eve to help me with my business strategy.


Eve guided me through the process of how to sell my business and it was great to have her by my side.


She saved me hours and hours of figuring things out myself, her hourly rate is money well spent."

“I met Eve today to discuss my small business ‘Noosa Beach Yoga’.  She was warm, friendly and focused on the areas where I needed support.  


Eve offered creative solutions to some problems that I’ve been trying to figure out for a long time.  


She is a great cheerleader and has inspired me with many ideas to grow my business.  I really connected with her style and saw that she had great knowledge and creative and insightful recommendations"

“Eve Cammell, came highly recommended for her 
in-depth knowledge of Digital and Social media marketing.


With out doubt we would have been at a total loss in the start-up of our new real estate business model if it were not for her invaluable assistance and skilled expertise in navigating the intricacies of this domain.


We genuinely look forward to Eve’s ongoing consultancy with us and could not recommend her highly enough.”

“Having the time constraints of juggling my time working 'in' the business and 'on' the business, I found Eve's ability to hone into the areas of focus quickly to be of great assistance.


Eve was able to succinctly guide my branding and message to achieve maximum results in the most efficient way possible”.

“I could not be more thankful for the service provided
or Eve’s help.  


Setting up the building blocks for my small business and discussing business strategies and long-term growth has been so beneficial to my small business in so many ways, and gives me more of an opportunity to succeed and grow.  


I can see it benefiting so many small businesses in the area, and I am so grateful for all the help.”

“Working with Eve from Cammell Consulting was 
such a pleasure.  


Eve helped me see all the moving pieces of my business, and how to grow in a clear, simple way that leaves me in no doubt as to how to move forward.  


I wholeheartedly recommend Cammell Consulting for expert guidance on business consistency, branding and messaging to increase viability and in turn – the positive impact you and your business has on the world”.

"Eve's service was a wonderful attribute to my business as she was able to quickly ascertain a few simple steps I needed to do to get me the results I require.

I wish I had sought her services 18 months ago when I first started out."

"The session was so relevant and informative, with great practical advice and business knowledge.  I am looking forward to actioning the strategies discussed into my business.

I would highly recommend your work."

"In meeting with Cammell Consulting, the dedication for small business success was obvious.  Eve is thorough with her coaching to identify how she can best meet her client's needs.

She gives her absolute best at all times to provide innovative ideas to achieve high quality outcomes."

"I would highly recommend working with Eve!  Her advice, suggestions and tips have been invaluable during these early stages of my business.

In a time that can be somewhat stressful and daunting, Eve has been wonderful in guiding me through this stage, always showing compassion and truly wanting me to succeed.

Thank you so very much Eve"

"Eve knows intuitively the right questions to ask to get to the crux of your business!


She understands the importance of designing a business that supports your desired lifestyle, instead of encouraging a business that takes over your life and leaves you burnt out!


I love how Eve knows how to 'trim the fat' of your business offerings so you can focus on what is profitable and enjoyable.

Can't recommend her enough"

"Eve seemed to know intuitively exactly what I needed from her.


Her advice has been wonderful, so very helpful and I would definitely recommend working with her, whatever stage of business you are at.


As a bonus she is a gorgeous, approachable and friendly person.


Highly recommend"

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